Friends, today you are sharing the apps of one such TV channel, if you install that app on your Android mobile then you will be able to watch many channels.

Friends, this AOS TV channel app is running on any country means if you are from Pakistan, you can watch many channels while in Pakistan, that too on your mobile absolutely free.

And friends, this app is also working in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom people download this app more and install it on their mobile and watch through this TV channel app through many channels.

Friends, I will tell you some details about this app and show you what are the features in this app, so you have been associated with this post. 

First of all let me get you some screenshots


Friends, when opening this screenshot you can see, you will have some such interface. 

All friends, if you open it completely, then you will have such an interface, you can see above it will be a very beautiful interface and you will see many channels.

Friends, this is Pakistan’s number one app and it is working on all country and we consider this app to be the number one app of the AOS TV channel.

Friends now talk about its version, which version is it? 

Friends, the previous update that came in was an old version like 2.0 and apart from that, I have also updated some more.

AOS TV version 2.01 APK

AOS TV version 3.01 APK

AOS TV version 4.01 APK

AOS TV version 5.01 APK 

AOS TV version 6.01 APK

AOS TV version 7.01 APK

AOS TV version 8.01 APK 

AOS TV version 9.01 APK

AOS TV version 10.01 APK

Friends, what you are seeing above, this was the version of AOS TV channels, the earlier old version was very bad, just download the new version that has come in your mobile

Friends, I use myself in this app for at least 3 years and in this app you are given many Indian channels and Pakistani channels are also given to you.

And friends, in this app you are given all country channels like United Kingdom, United States, Arabia means many channels are provided to you on WWE channel.

Friends, you can install this app on any mobile while in Pakistan, be it any old mobile, you have it, you can install through that mobile and watch through AOS TV channels of this app.


AOS TV FULL Version 

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