Earn money from pakistani app

Friends, today we will tell you how you will have to work on this app to earn online.

Friends, today we are sharing a completely new app to you guys.

On this you can earn money easily and can also withdraw them while living in Pakistan.

Now let me tell you how you will be registered inside this app.

As soon as you open this app, you will ask for some promotion, then you have to Allow

Then you will be able to register your app with Gmail and Facebook and in addition to this phone from your phone number to make people your account.

Then if you register with your phone number, then you will get an OTP code, through that court you will be able to register this app.

Then you people have to apply referral code After entering the referral code, your account will be verified.

How to make money with this app

You have to bring your friends inside this app to earn money.

Apart from this, you get money by watching videos.

And apart from this, how are you people will be able to earn money by uploading videos inside you

You can earn money by uploading your photos and by writing an article, you can earn money from such an app.

And sharing any photos also gives you this money

And, even after applying the code of Afraid, it gives you money

Within this app, in this way, you will earn money by watching videos, liking videos, sharing videos and making money by inviting your friends.

How do we withdraw our money

You people click on your earnings to withdraw money

After that you have to click on request withdraw

Then you are given two accounts to the people. Both the accounts will be Pakistani accounts and apart from this you will be able to return your money after earning maximum 300 PKR money within this app.



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