Hello friend, today I have come up with a good and good app that can earn you money, you can earn a lot of money from this app and this app is name Salam Palanet

will guide you step by step how to make money from this app and how you can get it out, and besides this I will Talk you the right way to withdraw money 

I will share some screenshots to you of this app, you can register in this app by looking at the screenshots.

And I will also show you its interface under it and it is very easy to register, I will show you how to register through text.

You can see its interface in the office resort above, it is a very good interface, it is absolutely boarded on Facebook, in it you can post videos, you can post photos, besides now there are many things that you can through

Friends, also tell you this is an android.app and through this app you can earn money

Friends, it is very good and such people are earning a lot of money through this app, you can earn money by uploading photos and whichever person likes your photo, you will get money.

Apart from this, if you want to upload your photos or videos, then you can also upload videos and any guy will like your videos, you will get his money too.

Friends, you are also given a lot of commission on this mine, if you share your referral link to any friend then you get his money.

I will request you guys to share your darling more to your friends and earn money in this app.

And apart from this, it has a lot of users, they work in such a way and earn more money.

Friends, if you make a reference in this, then you will get points and you can also easily withdraw money in your bank account by converting points.

Friends, it will convert you into Pakistani Rupees and send money to your bank account and after that you can withdraw from your ATM.

Friends have a very good app and in this app, how will you register? It is very easy to register in it, I tell you some steps, you follow it.

First of all you put your personal, after that you put your last name and besides that you put your email address and click on your level after entering the mobile number

Friends, I have given you the link to download this app, you can easily download this app there, this app is found in the Google Play Store.


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