How to earn money online in Pakistan without investment

Friends, today we are going to share you without investment app, where you people can earn for absolutely free.

You can earn a lot of money by working on it and click on the download button below to download this app so that you can work on this app

First of all, let me explain to you how the money is made inside this app and apart from this, how will you register with people, then firstly you see the picture below from where you will know that we sign up

Now you people have to click on the first sign up here, if you have already created your account on this, then you people and click on the login.

If you are a new person within this app, then you click on Sainath because firstly new people create their account on it.

The way to create an account is shown to you in the picture below.

First of all you give your full name, after that you have to give your email address, after that you have to enter the referrer code, after that you have to enter your password, after that you sign up with your account in your

As soon as you create an account inside this app, after that you will see another interface, see the picture below.

Within this app, you are given 10 such tips where you can earn money by working.

First of all you people get Addition  here

Now you can earn money by answering questions right here

And on the second number also you have to answer the questions in the same manner.

And apart from this, on the third number you have to complete captcha.

To complete the captcha, you have to click on the captcha, just like your slippers click, then you will come to the captcha, there you have to feel Captain, see the picture below.

You are given 20 points for filling each captcha on this app and in addition to captcha you are given unlimited inside this app for salting, the more captcha you feel, the more you will be able to earn points.

Within this app, you are also given spen daily.

You can also earn money by spen this app

There are more such options in it, from where you will be able to earn money inside this app.

Look at the picture below, you are being told that within this app you can earn money even from scratch.

You are given points in the Scratch

And apart from this, within this app you are given the option to invite people, by inviting your friends, you can do 100 Points

Now you have to check on Invite Friends right here, where you will be told to share your referral code and when the nation code is used, you will be given a 100 point absolutely free here.

And apart from this, if you people accumulate 8000 points inside this app, after that you will get money from this app. Can withdraw money

You have to click on the Reedem to withdraw money

In this way, you can also get money by working on this app, click on the download button below so that your app can be downloaded.


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