How to earn money online in pakistan

Friends, today we are going to tell you such an app, by working on this app, you can withdraw money with ease in Pakistan.


First of all you have to download this app, after that you install this app

And as soon as you come inside this app, you have to enter Pakistani phone number first within this app. If you are Pakistani, if you are from other country, then you enter the number of that country.

As soon as you register it, now you have to work inside this app, just three tasks have been given inside this app, which we will be able to take money from it by completing it.

First you will scratch inside this app as soon as you complete the scratch then you will also be given watch videos

By compiling scratch, you have to compile the watch videos as soon as you compile the watch videos, then you will have to perform another dance, you also have to compile it

And you will also be given an increase in this, you will be given 15 Spain daily. By completing Spain, you can earn a lot of money from such an app.

Within this app you will not get the option of invoice, if you share this app to your friends, then there can be a share but you will not get money from sharing.

Within this app, there were 3 steps to the bus, which you have completed as soon as possible, then you will get this money but it has some rules.

Within this app you have to complete 25000 coins.

You will also receive money within 72 hours

You will get $ 25 right here for 25000

You will be given 15 scratches daily

You will be given 15 spain daily

Daily you will be given 10 watch videos

To withdraw money, 4 accounts have been given inside this app





Ithe same way you can withdraw your money, then download it quickly so that you can earn money from this app and you can withdraw money even while living in Pakistan and in other country.

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