How to use free internet on your mobile

If you want to use free internet on your mobile, then you should read this post completely because in this post I will tell you how you can use free internet on your mobile.

First of all, we will talk about the Pakistani network, how can you use the free internet while in Pakistan.

Friends, there are 4 networks in Pakistan, I will tell you how to run 4 more networks free internet, that too on your mobile absolutely free.

I also tell you what is the Pakistani Sim Networks Name

Jazz WORD 4G 




First of all, I will tell you how you can use free internet on your Jazz 4G Sim.

jazz Network is a good network and the 4G network you can use on this network and you will have 4MB of internet speed in less than 1 second, then I tell you how to use free internet on your jazz

I share you some codes of jazz Network  is a jazz network and this code which I will share to you, you have to go to your mobile dailer and there you will have to put jazz networking codes and you will get MB of free internet.

First of all, keep the balance of your jazz Network completely empty, if you have money in your account, then it will end, I will not guarantee you that thing, but what I am sharing to you codes, these will be free internet codes.

Jazz 4G Free Internet Code List 2021

*5555# Dial this code in your mobile dialer and after that you have to do 1 press You will be given a gift offer

  1. Charges of the Gift Offer : 0 PKR
  2. can use this offer for 7 days. 
  3. You will get Free 1 GB internet data
  4. You can use social network in this
  5. whatsapp..

Jazz Free Gift Offer 2021

  1. Jazz Free Internet Data : 1 GB
  2. You will not get free minutes in this Code
  3. Activate this offer by going to the Dialer and dial this code : *555#
  4. This Offer Charges : 0 PKR
  5. You can use this offer for 7 days. 

Activate 50 GB offer on your Jazz Network 


By dialing this code, you can get 50 free Internet Data on Jazz network

This package with 50 GB internet data offer is sometimes working with a friend, sometimes a friend does not have working. You can also make a check by dialing this code on your jazz network. There will be no charge for dialing this Code. 

How to Use free facebook on Jazz network 

Now I will tell you how you can use free Facebook on your Jazz network, I will tell you a good code, that code will have to go in your mobile Dialer and dial it.

This Code is also working on the New sim, if you have an old jazz network, then it is also working on it.

FB FREE CODE : *117*4#


By going to the dialer in your mobile, you will have to dial this code on your jazz network but note one thing, there should not be a balance on your Jazz network.

Free Youtube *117*89#

Apart from this, you can also get 5GB Youtube free on your network, I share that code too. *570#

Jazz Sim 4G Offer

Friends, now I am sharing the Code to you, this Code is only Jazz sim 4G offer and with this offer you can get 5gp on your Jazz network.

  1. Dial : *674#
  2. Validity: 7 days

If this Code is working with a friend, then it is not working with any friend, but you will have to dial this Code in your dialer again and again. If you continue to tile this Code again and again, only then you will have this code working

Do you want to use free WhatsApp on your jazz network? 

Yes friends, you can use free WhatsApp on jazz networks , whatever method I will tell you, you have to do it in exactly the same way.

You will get 25mb absolutely free from this Code, I tell you how You

jazz Call any friend and you will be given an Free 25 M.B.


dial to available of this offer By dialing this code, you will receive 25 MB per call.

This offer is valid only for jazz 4G user

If you want to get more Code of the jazz network Ufone Network Zong network Telenor network, then you can click on Read More and come to another page. 

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If you want to get the Codes for your network, free internet then you can get it by clicking on the Read More given above.

Friends, if you know about SkyVPN, then SkyVPN is already working, you can connect to SkyVPN on any of your networks and use the free internet.

If you want to download SkyVPN, you can download it from here and install it on your mobile and connect it and you can use free internet on any network.

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