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Friends, today I have brought you a website to earn money online, this website is name

First of all I will tell you how you can make money from

Friends, this is a Pakistani website and in this website you can earn Pakistani Rupees and gives you very good income and I will also tell you what work you have to do in this.

in this website you have to make a small investment and tell you how much investment you have to make, in this you have to buy a package of Rs 350

With this Package of Rs 350, you can upgrade your account, because on this website you first have to upgrade your account, after that you will get a chance to work in this website. 

First of all, I show you a screenshot, then see the interface and show you the package of this website.




150 Refer commission

You can also withdraw at Minimum Rs 300 PKR in jazz cash and Easypesa 

as soon as you bring a refer in this website, you will get 10 premium ads. If you see a premium ad, you will get Rs15 and if you see 10 premium Ads, you will get Rs 150

And as soon as you register in this website, you will get 50 PKR bonus, you will get two Premium ads your account, if you see Premium ads, then you will be given Rs50

Friends, you have to make more referrals in this website, the more you get the Referrals, the more money will come in this website.

I give you a complete guide on how to register in this website. 

First you enter your First name

After that you will have to enter your last name

You have to enter your email address correctly 

You have to put your email address again

Create your new password

Enter again password

After that click on register you can register in this website

I give you a screenshot of this website with the register form

Friends, it was very easy to register in this website, as soon as you complete register in it, you will be given a ₹ 50 bonus inside your account.

 I will tell you now that once you earn a lot of money in this website, how can you get it withdraw in your account? 

First of all, please complete the minimum of R300 in your account.

As soon as you Completed Rs300 in your account means Rs300 you earn in your account, then you can withdraw easily.

I also tell you which account you should have to withdraw money Friends you money Jazz Cash And Easypesa Can withdraw

Friends, I am sure you like this website very much, it is a Investment website  and if you want to join this website then quickly click on the Join Now button

And if you want to take full information of this website, in which way you will earn money in this website, you will get a lot of videos about this website on YouTube, you can watch its video



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