Online Earning New Pakistani App 2021

Yes friends, today I am sharing a good app for you, you can earn money from this app and you can get it withdraw in your Pakistani bank account while in Pakistan.

Friends, you can earn money in many ways from this app, you can earn money by sping and in addition to this you will be provided internet ads, you can also earn money by watching ads.

Friends, you must have seen some screenshots of this app and I will also tell you how you will register in this app and guide you how to make money

Friends, I will give you at least three screenshots of this app.

Screenshot 1

Friends, I have given you the screenshot above, you can see it in the screenshot, you see two buttons, one is for sign in and apart from it, you are sign Up another button.

Friends, what you have to do first is to click on Sign Up, after that you will have to follow some tips, you will have to put your first name last name user name email address everything And after that you will have to create a new password, create a good password and after that you click on the register then you will register it

I give you another screenshot of this app and this screenshot will be the last one for you, so you should look carefully in this screenshot, the interface of this app is also very good.

Screenshot 2

So above you can see that the balance zero rupee in my account is available because I have not yet earned money from this app, so from this app you can earn money by inviting your referral link to your friends and besides Sping you

First of all, let me clear one thing to you, this is a Pakistani app and it was launched in Pakistan at least 4 months ago and this app is available in Google Play Store, so you can download it.


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