Online earning without investment site

How to earn money online

Friends, today we are going to tell you such a website, you can earn up to Rs 1000 by working  daily on this website.

First of all you register this website, the name of the register is very easy

To register, first you enter your email, after that you will ask for login, you have to enter the user name for login, then your password, then you will ask for a repeat password, Then you have to enter a code, the code will be at the top of your screen, you will have to enter that code, then you have to click on the register button, in this way you can now

As soon as you register this website, then if you see the interface, you will be asked for some things, you have to do nothing, you have to back it there.



You have to click on the earn, see the screenshot above

As soon as you click on earn, you will see another interface.

See the screenshot below

Now you people have to click on the Twitter  because as soon as you click on Twitter you will go on Twitter, you have to click on this as soon as you follow this man,

As soon as you people follow this, after that you have to come back, after that, if you ask for verification from today, then you have to click on the verification.

And apart from this, within this website you have to complete 500 rubles, Then you can easily withdraw your money Payeer account

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