Hello friends, today I am sharing such an app with you, you can complete this app

Friends, if you go to school, you will be using Papers but today I am sharing the app with you, you can write well with it and you can also use the notebook in this app.

Friends, this app is an Android app and with such an app you will get a considerable benefit.

Friends, I also tell you what is special in this app 

Friends, this app is a good app and you can get a lot of good functions in such an app.

Friends 10 million users are using this app And every android mobile of friends is working

Friends, in this app, if you want any question, like many difficult questions sleep in the book, you also get its answer.

If you want to ask question of anything, then you can ask you like this and this

And friends, its good thing is that you will give any doubt in reply quickly and its answer will also be written.

Friends, people in Pakistan can use this app mostly 


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