Reward Drop – Make Real Money

Reward Drop app is one such app. You can earn a lot of money inside this app. 

I will also tell you how to use Reward Drop app on your mobile and what are the rules in this app and how will you sign up this app.

First of all, I will tell you how you too will be able to register in the app. 

Friends, to register in this app, you just have to do a small job, that is, you have to connect it to your email address.

And apart from this, there is another way inside this app, first of all you have to click on the register, there you have to complete a small form.

I show you a screenshot, in that screenshot you can see how to register inside this app.

Friends, you are looking at the screenshot above, first of all you are asking that you enter your speech, then you are asking that you enter your email address. And apart from this, you are also asking that you create a new password and simultaneously confirm the new password you have created, click on acceptance and condition and click on sign up.

So friends, now I will tell you how you will be able to earn money from this Reward Drop app. 

you have to answer some questions and answers within this app and if you answer it properly, you will be given its money too.

I also tell you what is the second Method to make money

and another way is that in this app you will be given Spanning and you will reduce it to Spanning, you will be given its money.   

I will show you another screenshot of such an app, you will see in that screenshot, what are the methods of earning money inside this app?

Friends, let me tell you now how you can withdraw your payment from this Reward Drop app. 

to withdraw the payment , first of all you need to come 1000 points less. As soon as you earn 1000 points, then you can convert it into dollars.

And you can have your dollars withdraw on any bank account, if you use a Pakistani bank, you can also get it Withdraw on the Pakistani bank

you can withdraw money on other countries also, if you want to withdraw from your bank account on international, then you can also withdraw it.

Now I will tell you that on which mobile you can use this Reward Drop app and how you can download it on your mobile 

Friends, you can use this app on any mobile but note one thing, it is only working on Android mobile.


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how to download this app, to download you have to set it on the Google Play Store, the name of this app and you will find it on the Google Play Store



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