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WiFi Router is an Android and with this app you can check your WiFi speed and you can change your WiFi password by using this WiFi Router app

you can also increase the speed of your internet with this app, because Wi Fi router is an app that people use a lot, and the good thing about this app is that you can speed up 5G more than 4G speed of your WiFi in it.

About This App

Using Wi-Fi router app is very easy. First of all, you have to install it on your mobile. If you have any request mobile, then you can install it in your mobile and then open the app.

You will see a good interface, then there you will see an optional that if you want to change your WiFi password, then you can change your WiFi password easily from there as well. And apart from this, if you want to give a hotspot to your friend, then you can easily give the hotspot to your friend through this app.

  1. Let me show you a screenshot

Screenshot above so you can check the interface of wi fi router is very good interface

Which country is the Wi-Fi router App working on? 

Wi Fi router app is working on all country, if you are from Pakistan then you can easily use this app on your Android mobile And this app is used a lot by Pakistani people because 4G internet is running very slow in Pakistan, then people turn 4G into their mobile through Wi-Fi router through 5G.

People of India country also use this app because the Wi Fi router is working on all mobiles and is working on all country mobiles because it is very good and the speed of their wifi is 4G sim 5G, then people like it a lot.

How to download wifi router app 

WiFi router app I will definitely share to you, in the End you will see there will be a download button, by clicking on it you can download the WiFi router app.

Wi Fi router app is already available in Google Play store, people have searched it and downloaded it. If you open Google Play store, you can also download this app by searching on Google Play Store.

How To use the wi fi router app on our laptop or pc 

Now you can use Wi-Fi router on your laptop or PC, I will share that app with you, but you can use this app with good speed on your laptop or PC. If you have an internet connection on your laptop or PC, then you can improve your internet speed by installing this app, if you have a 4g network, then you can convert it into a 5G network on your PC.

Most of the people use the wifi Router app on PC or laptop because it works well there and also increases the speed of internet more. I will tell you that you can increase your internet speed by installing such an app on your PC

Wifi router Apk

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